Research Areas Areas

    Aapis spectral and color analysis of objects

    Spectral analysis showed a broad class of tasks that require objective information about the properties of objects of different nature

    Analysis and processing of images

    The image represents information about the world in the most visual form

    Videoinformation measuring system

       Video information measuring systems solve the problem of measuring of geometrical sizes, angles, displacements, coordinates and other parameters of extended and small objects with a precision no less, and sometimes exceed the precision of traditional optical-electronic devices

    Last publications Publications

    2018 year
    • Нгуен Д.Т., Нгуен В., Лебедько Е.Г. Анализ возможностей создания импульсного лазерного высотомера до морской поверхности // Известия высших учебных заведений. Приборостроение - 2018. - Т. 61. - № 2. - С. 132-135

    • Смирнов Л.В.

      18th International Conference on Laser Optics. ICLO 2018 - The concept of building space-based lidar for monitoring surface of Mars - 2018

    • Bulykina A.B., Ryzhova V.A., Korotaev V.V., Samokhin N.Y.

      Булыкина А.Б., Рыжова В.А., Коротаев В.В., Самохин Н.Ю.Design of the stand for in vivo skin surface study by scattered ellipsometry method//Spie.Photonics Europe, IET - 2018

    • Сахариянова А., Коняхин И.А.

      The optical-electronic autoreflection sensor for measurement an angle of rotation//Photonics Europe 2018 - 2018. - С. 10680-95

    • Araujo P.R., Filho R.H., Rodrigues J.P., Oliveira J.P., Braga S.A.

      Middleware for integration of legacy electrical equipment into smart grid infrastructure using wireless sensor networks // International Journal of Communication Systems - 2018, Vol. 31, No. 1, pp. e3380

    2017 year
    • Михеев С.В.

      Основы инфракрасной техники - 2017


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